For Your Safety

Everyone needs personal safety and the key to having it is called AWARENESS!  Not only to who or what is around you, but also what is ahead and behind you.  Please find herein a few suggestions on how to keep yourself from being a target by the criminals lurking to catch you off guard.

Vehicle Safety
 1.  When walking to your vehicle, have your keys in hand and ready to open your door or trunk.  Look under and around your vehicle as you approach while observiing other vehicles for suspicious persons. 
 2.  Glance in the backseat and floorboard of your vehicle for the possibility of someone hiding inside.
 3.  Always park in well lit areas so as to see the whole vehicle as you approach it when you return to it.  Make
sure you can see around the whole vehicle.
 4.  If your having car trouble, first put the hood up and tie a white cloth around the handle of the door facing on-coming traffic to alert you are having trouble, then get inside the vehicle locking all doors and windows. 
If someone does arrive to help, let them know to call someone, stay in your vehicle and don't accept any
rides.  They may well be good samaritans, but you don't know them.
 5.  If in the event you feel you are being followed, DO NOT DRIVE HOME!  You should drive to a well lit area
with alot of people around or to your nearest Police, Fire, or open Gas Stations.

Safety at Home
 1.  Always lock your windows and doors, even if you are home...Thieves look for the easiest possible way into your home, make it harder for them.
 2.  Have an alarm installed if you can afford it, or outside cameras if possible.  Have signs indicating you have such Items.
 3.  Never open exterior doors to people whom you can't identify.  If your front door is not equipped with a peephole, have one installed that is at least 190 degrees of viewing area.  If you do know the visitors and they are un expected, always find out what the purpose for their visit is before you open the door.
 4.  Make sure you have exterior lighting.  If you live in an apartment community then make sure your management team is made aware of non-working lights, even your personal porch light.  Have them on timers to come on and go off at various times, this also helps when you are not at home, making someone  think that someone is.

Safety at the Workplace
 1.  Everyone wants a safe work environment, to do so, you must make sure that your personal information is not given to anyone without your consent, most employers won't give out information, however, it is your duty to ensure it won't happen.  Thus you should not give out telephone numbers or street addresses to anyone either.  Always make sure that consent to do so is in writing.
 2.  Never let those that you are only aquainted with know of your personal plans or events to take place after work.  These should only be revealed to close personal friends.
 3.  Never agree to meet with a co-worker after work in dim-lit places, such as parking garages or closed offices.  Always make sure other people are nearby.

Prove to be Street Smart
 1.  When walking, make sure you walk with other people, safety is in numbers.  Make sure the streets are also well lit and marked with addresses.  Avoid alleys or other short cuts and deserted streets.
 2.  Walk with confidence!  Even if you are not sure where you are, never appear nervous or lost.  Always look those passing by in the eye, assert yourself as confident, calm, and that you know your surrounding and what is going on around you.
 3.  If you must carry a purse, then make sure it is secure under your arm, do not wrap the strap around your arm or across your body or to enter into a tug-of-war with the criminal trying to get it away from you.  This can avoid any serious injury to your person.
 4.  Never let anyone see how much money you have on your person.  Large amounts of cash or jewelry can prove tempting to a criminal.
 5.  Try to avoid solicitors trying to sell you something at a bargain.  Ie; Jewelry, watches, or electronics...If it sounds to good to be true, then it is.  You may be purchasing stolen goods, which is a crime in itself.

Elevator Safety
 1.  Yes even on the elevator, or in public restrooms one must be alert.  If you see someone whom appears to be suspicious or unnerves you, walk past the elevator or restroom as if you weren't going to use it at all, or if someone walks up while your waiting, act like you forgot something and leave.
 2.  Once inside the elevator become familiar with the buttons and locate the emergency button.  If inside a
restroom, make sure you take note who is inside, check stalls for any people and note all exits.
 3.  Always look inside, before entering either facility, if you don't feel good going in then don't.
 4.  If someone suspicious enters, then leave or exit immediately.
 5.  If you are attacked, while on the elevator, push the emergency button and as many buttons as possible.  If it is in the restroom, try to get to the nearest exit, make sure you scream, bite and kick if necessary.

Remember, crime occurs when given opportunity, if you remain aware, you cut down that opportunity which in turn, will cut down the criminal offenses.  Stay alert and use good judgement by knowing who and what are around you and know what is going on.  Let's avoid being a target and make Houston the Safeist City possible.
Always Remember 911, but here is a list in alphabetical order of local Houston Police Stations and numbers.

Bush Airport      (281)230-6800                                                       
Central              (713) 247-4400
Clear Lake        (281) 218-3800                                                       
Eastside            (713) 928-4600
Hobby Airport    (713) 845-6800                                                       
Kingwood          (281) 913-4500
Midwest            (832) 394-1200                                                       
North                (281) 405-5300
Northeast          (713) 635-0200                                                      
Nortwest           (713) 744-0900
So. Central       (832) 394-0200                                                      
So. Gessner     (832) 394-4700
Southeast         (713) 731-5000                                           
Southwest        (713) 314-3900
Special Ops     (832) 394-0000                                                      
Westside          (281) 584-4700